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NH EPSCoR advances our state’s competitiveness in science and engineering by strategically investing in research infrastructure; promoting education in STEM; and partnering with businesses that enhance job creation and economic development.

Building Research Capacity

There is a strong link between research, scientific discovery and a strong economy. Research investment begets a highly skilled workforce, advanced technologies that power sustained economic growth, and quantifiable improvements in quality of life. By balancing the playing field for competitive grant funding, EPSCoR ensures residents of every state have the opportunity to realize the inherent benefits of scientific research.

As one of 31 EPSCoR member states and territories, New Hampshire has leveraged $38 million in National Science Foundation (NSF) investments enabling scientists to be successful in obtaining an additional $105 million in new federal research awards. Federal investments in NH EPSCoR, further leveraged by state and private funds, have built high-speed Internet networks, protected human health and safety, developed innovative technologies, and trained new scientists and teachers.


EPSCoR programs or similar models have been developed by NASA, the Department of Energy, US Department of Agriculture, and the National Institutes of Health.

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