NECC Projects

Northeast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium

NECC LogoNew Hampshire is a member of a five-state consortium of states in the Northeast (Maine, Vermont, NH, Rhode Island, Delaware) established in 2008 to collaborate in building high-speed fiber optics networks to support research in environmental science and genomics. The EPSCoR programs in these states and their counterparts in the NIH IDeA program have received a total of $14 million in grants to improve cyberinfrastructure capabilities and initiate cyber-enabled research across the region.

Pilot projects were developed in water-related environmental research and bioinformatics to create novel collaborations in areas of shared interest throughout the consortium, to develop cyber-enabled education and training opportunities for students, and to develop data sharing policies and practices. For more information, see these presentations from the annual NECC meeting in March 2011:

  • Metagenomic Survey of Blue-Green Algae
  • The Genome Sequencing Project for the Little Skate
  • Eukaryotic Metagenetics