Research Highlights

Dana Filoti

Germ Warfare with Silver and Copper

A materials science graduate student at the University of New Hampshire, Dana Filoti, is trying to find out if silver and copper can be incorporated efficiently into fabric that could be used for surgical face masks and other medical products to combat infections in hospitals.

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Discovery at the Nanoscale

A new material holds considerable promise as organic semiconductors in thin-film electronic devices like organic photovoltaics (flexible solar cells) and organic light emitting diodes, both of which have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Studying the Northern Lights

When struck by high-energy particles that have been accelerated near the Earth’s magnetic poles, energized gases in the near-Earth atmosphere produce a seemingly magical vision — the aurora, also known as the northern and southern lights. Dartmouth’s Kristina Lynch, associate professor of physics and astronomy, studies this incredible phenomenon.

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Undergraduate Student Design Teams

Students design and construct key components of the world's largest wind tunnel. The goal of the wind tunnel is to provide an improved understanding of high Reynolds number boundary layers which are present on ships and aircraft, and are the primary contributor to drag.

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