2019 Recipients of NH BioMade Educational Grants

The NH BioMade Educational Grant program aims to fund curriculum or training enhancements that will attract, train, and retain a more diverse biomaterials, bioengineering, and bio-related advanced manufacturing workforce. The NH BioMade team has talked to local industry leaders and has identified skills gaps within core areas related to NH BioMade research: computational modelingadvanced manufacturingbiomaterials and bioprocessing, as well as foundational work skills.


We are pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of this grant:

BioMade Teachers Institute to Design Curricula for Grades 6 -12

UNH Tech Camp will develop a 2-week Summer institute for 10 teachers and also offer 3 Tech Camp programs related to BioMade. Programs and training institutes are NGSS aligned with life science and physical science performance expectations.  

Biotechnology Internships

Nashua Technology Center will develop the curriculum for a Biotechnology Internship as a formalized Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO). 

Milford CTE STEAM nights

Milford High School and Applied Technology Center will use funds to partially support and expand their already existing STEAM night events to include biomanufacturing, biotechnology, and industry participation.

MRI to 3DPrinting - An Undergraduate Learning Module

Keene State College will develop a course to increase career awareness through experiential learning in Advanced Manufacturing and biomanufacturing and 3D printing. 

Biochemistry and Biotechnology elective course

Pinkerton Academy will develop an upper-level science elective course introducing biochemistry, microbiology, cell culture, and biotechnology to high school students. The course will be designed and implemented over two years. The course will create 1) curriculum map with competency statements, learning goals, and aligned with NGSS performance expectations, and 2) laboratory activities.

Introduction to Biofabrication Curriculum Development

UNH Manchester will develop an Intro to Biofabrication course: a project-based course with training in CAD and 3D printing and other manufacturing fundamentals.