The overarching goal of this project is the development of “universal” biotechnology sensing platforms to enable the use of advanced manufacturing principles in biomanufacturing.

We have assembled a geographically diverse team to address this need for the on-demand design of biosensors for continuous monitoring at the conditions of a biomanufacturing process. BIO-SENS will develop engineering principles to guide on-demand biosensor design covering the full assortment of sensor components: the recognition elements that bind analytes; the stimuli-responsive linkers that amplify the binding signal; the form factor of the sensor; and the final transduction of the signal. 

This research is coupled with a multi-tiered workforce development plan guided by an industry advisory board, including early-career faculty development; postdoctoral scholar training; graduate and undergraduate education; and K-12 education and community outreach, all tied together through an annual academic-industry biotechnology symposium.

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