Community College Points of Contact

NH BioMade Education and Workforce development programs are open to all NH Community College students. Before applying for an opportunity, we ask that you discuss your interest and application with your desginated campus point of contact. These are faculty or staff members who have learned about our programs and are able to offer program specific advice for interested students.

Academic Year 2022-2023: CCSNH Point of Contact List for NH BioMade

RVCC: Rich Andrusiak (Professor of Mathematics) and Julie Robinson (Professor of Biological Science): and

NHTI: Jeff Beltramo (Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology): 

NCC: Doug Howe (Professor and Program Coordinator, Mechanical Design Technology):

MCC: Dan LaRochelle (Professor and Chair, Advanced Manufacturing Technology) and Sadie Stimmell (Professor and Chair, Biological and Environmental Sciences): and

GBCC: Deb Audino (Professor, Program Coordinator, Biotechnology):