Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring

researchers collecting water samples

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring


The LoVoTECS Network (Lotic Volunteer Network with sensors recording Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, and Stage) is a volunteer citizen science network coordinated by Plymouth State University's Center for the Environment and implemented by a broad group of partners, including educators, researchers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizen scientists.

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The broad scale, high-frequency hydrologic sensing network has been designed to include all watershed sizes, shapes, and attributes through 100 paired sites, geographically dispersed statewide in New Hampshire up the Maine coast and into Massachusetts. Aquatic sensors continuously collect data at intervals of 3-5 minutes during warmer months and 15 minutes during the winter months when access is difficult and potentially dangerous. Volunteers play a fundamental role in maintaining and downloading the sensors, without them the network simply wouldn’t be possible.


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