Ecosystems & Society News

New research shows that land conservation can help reduce nitrogen in Great Bay Estuary.
Two PSU graduate students conducted stakeholder interviews to help the Squam Lakes Association gather data for a management plan update.
Community partnerships make it possible to detect the effects of road salt on Squam Lake.
flooding in Alstead, NH
New research finds that even in the counties most affected by flooding, people’s political ideology is the strongest predictor of whether they believe flooding has become more frequent.
emerging tree leaves
New research shows that climate change is altering the transition period from winter to the new growing season in ways that could have ecological, social, and economic consequences.
EPSCoR researcher Scott Ollinger will lead a team of UNH researchers on a new $1.25 million NSF grant to understand the impact of forest biodiversity on climate change.
Natural services, such as flood mitigation and water filtration, can not only be cost effective compared to engineered methods but also tend to come with other benefits. What's your natural capital?
dry stream bed
UNH researchers want to know how climate change will affect water quality of streams in NH. But as those streams have dried up in this summer’s drought, collecting data has become limited.
map of New England
CSNE now provides a detailed analysis of past (1895-2012) and potential future (out to 2099) climate change for ten regions across New England and for New England as a whole.
detail of tree
Listen to EPSCoR researcher Scott Ollinger discussing the value of trees and current threats to forest health such as invasive insects and extreme weather on The Exchange on NHPR.
heat map
Groundbreaking research at UNH scales down sophisticated global climate models to help us understand what we care most about: How is the climate in my backyard changing, and what will it mean for me?
weather map of coast
Larry Hamilton talks with NHPR's Peter Biello about the link between memories of weather and climate change beliefs.
close up of icicle
New research on family, politics, and recollections of weather.
NH mountains
NH EPSCoR researchers looked at the state of forest cover in a new report released this week and found that the amount of New Hampshire land covered by forests is declining over time.
looking through trees at reservoir
A team of scientists, community leaders, and water resources experts found that integrated planning could save Exeter, Stratham, and Newfields over $100 million.