Creative Computing Challenge News

Now in its fifth year, the Creative Computing Challenge is shifting the emphasis from teaching students how to use technology tools to how to create and invent with technology.
girls at computing camp
The full impact of the experience was revealed by pre- and post-survey results: statistically significant changes in participants’ computing confidence and their perceptions of a career in computing.
Middle school girls create smartphone apps, and teachers observe and explore new ways to engage students in a learning lab. It's all part of the Creative Computing Challenge.
detail of equiment in classroom
A Q&A with Adrien Deshaies, a science and robotics teacher who attended the STEM Educators Summit and has participated in many EPSCoR-supported outreach activities.
In summer 2014, at the Stem Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester, 14 NH high school students were doing something extraordinary- using computer science to build their own mobile applications.