Get the Facts: New Hampshire's Changing Climate, Land Cover, and Ecosystems

January 23, 2017

New Hampshire's ecosystems provide a host of services: Clean water, food, wood for fiber, fuel, or timber; protection from flooding, regional and global climate regulation, recreational opportunities, and cycling of key nutrients such as nitrogen. NH EPSCoR researchers have shown that these ecosystem services are being affected by changes in climate and land use in freshwater ecosystems across the state.

While most of the research results are published in scientific journals, and data is available through the Data Discovery Center, the researchers have also developed a series of 14 fact sheets that translate key research findings from the Ecosystems & Society project as a resource for state agencies, municipal officials, regional planning commissions, conservation organizations, and others who have a role in making decisions about land use. The information in the fact sheets tells a story about the critical services provided by New Hampshire’s environment and how those could change in the future in response to changes in land cover and climate.

Download the Fact Sheets