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As a result of EPSCoR-sponsored research, students at Keene State College now have the opportunity to use genomic approaches in biology and gain skills in bioinformatics analysis.
Two PSU graduate students conducted stakeholder interviews to help the Squam Lakes Association gather data for a management plan update.
river flowing over dam
There are more than 14,000 dams on New England’s rivers, and many are small, aging, or derelict. The Nature Conservancy examines the issues that are the focus of the EPSCoR Future of Dams project.
inspecting oysters
NH EPSCoR scientists are looking for answers behind illness outbreaks from vibrio bacteria contamination.
Community partnerships make it possible to detect the effects of road salt on Squam Lake.
girls at computing camp
The full impact of the experience was revealed by pre- and post-survey results: statistically significant changes in participants’ computing confidence and their perceptions of a career in computing.
flooding in Alstead, NH
New research finds that even in the counties most affected by flooding, people’s political ideology is the strongest predictor of whether they believe flooding has become more frequent.
emerging tree leaves
New research shows that climate change is altering the transition period from winter to the new growing season in ways that could have ecological, social, and economic consequences.
To stimulate STEM innovation, foster entrepreneurial skills, and win prizes, the NSF and AACC are inviting student teams to submit STEM-based solutions to real-world problems.
Marc Sedam, UNH vice provost, innovation/new ventures, and Terry Large, director of engineering and tech services at Eversource, sat down with Fred Kocher to discuss the just-released NHURIP.
The NHURIP focuses on helping the state accelerate innovation-led development by strengthening ties between research and existing and emerging advanced industries.
Research and development by industry and universities in NH have lagged behind the rest of the country, says a new report that recommends the two groups do a better job partnering.
Peter Tse
The project, funded by an EPSCoR Track-2 award, brings together scientists from Montana, Rhode Island and Nebraska to investigate the neural basis of attention.
The NH University Research & Industry Plan is focused on accelerating innovation-led development by aligning academic research with NH's advanced industries.
The just-released NH University Research & Industry Plan provides insights based on data-driven evidence of our state's innovation strengths and suggests strategies to capitalize on opportunities...