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Reducing the use of road salt through research, stewardship, and innovative technologies could protect water resources in NH and save municipalities money.
Can we maintain robust economic development while retaining the natural beauty and resources that are the foundation of NH’s quality of life and the real NH advantage?
A new multi-institutional research project funded by the NSF to Maine EPSCoR and NH EPSCoR seeks to both better understand and find solutions to the scourge plaguing crucial fisheries.
NH EPSCoR's Stream Safari program made the cover of the Nashua Telegraph's November 2nd, 2014 paper.
teachers in lovotecs
The challenge for teachers is not only how to keep pace with technology, but how to use it as a key to unlock a student’s inquisitive side.
UNH's Steve Jones is looking at environmental conditions that favor Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a pathogenic bacteria strain commonly found in oysters, and working to keep illness off the raw bar.
More than 40 Granite State middle, high school, and college science teachers honed their classroom skills with a series of workshops and hands-on training in using large research data sets.
In summer 2014, at the Stem Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester, 14 NH high school students were doing something extraordinary- using computer science to build their own mobile applications.
Larry Hamilton's research describes trends between political stances and beliefs regarding climate change.