NH EPSCoR Speaker Series

NH EPSCoR Fall 2022 Speaker Series 

NH EPSCoR is launching a free, virtual, statewide, research-focused speaker series.  Each session will feature a topical research theme presented by both an industry and academic research leader sharing their perspectives on the current state, future directions, career paths and opportunities. Each session will be one hour with brief presentations followed by moderated panel discussion and Q&A. Open to all higher ed community members (faculty, staff and students) across the state. 

Questions?  Please contact Justine Stadler (justine.stadler(at)unh.edu)


11/30/22 Noon-1PM 

Join Dr. Alexander Titus, VP of Strategy at Colossal Biosciences and Dr. Kelley Thomas, Director of the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies for a discussion on how genomic engineering and ancient DNA may make it possible to de-extinct lost species including the Woolly Mammoth. Could a resurgence of the mammoth slow the melting of the Arctic permafrost and help stabilize our climate?

Register here:  https://unh.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwld-2vqDwuGdRBl5V2Ik4dUIDhXoABvitO 


11/02/22 Noon-1pm 
Opportunities for metal-organic frameworks in chronic kidney disease interventions

Dr. Ian Welsford from Nephria Bio and Dr. Katherine Mirica from the Mirica Group at Dartmouth will discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in the development of bio-artificial kidney functions and the potential role of Metal Organic Frameworks in this complex endeavor.

View talk: https://media.unh.edu/media/Opportunities+for+metal-organic+frameworks+in+chronic+kidney+disease+interventions/