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New Hampshire Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

Work-based Learning Program

The NH Advanced Manufacturing Partnership is a collaborative project between NH Community Colleges, NH Businesses, and the University of New Hampshire. NH AMP is built upon a Work-based Learning (WBL)-Career Training model that provides community college students paid work experiences that will advance them toward employment or transferring to a UNH 4-year degree program in engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing Internships will be available in Summer 2019 at several different NH businesses, as well as in Academic Research Labs on the UNH-Durham campus. The duration of these internships will be 8 weeks. Read about available opportunities here. You will indicate the opportunities you would like to be considered for in your online application.

Compensation for internships will be site specific (usually $15/hour). 

Application is Closed!


Who should apply?

You should apply if you are a NH Community College student eligible for federal financial aid that is looking for an opportunity to use your classroom learning in a real-life setting. This opportunity is ideal for students who are close to graduating and would like hands-on manufacturing experience or for students who are transferring or interested in transferring to a UNH engineering degree program.

Why should you apply? What are the benefits of this program?

If you are selected for an internship and accept it, you will receive industry-standard compensation and will receive on-the-job training of critical occupation specific skills. You will have the opportunity to interact with your employer over an extended time (typically Summer) which could lead to opportunities to network with others in your field or possible future employment. Through NH AMP’s student community activities, you will receive support throughout your internship and beyond. You will learn about career and UNH transfer options and will receive support from NH AMP faculty and staff during and after your transfer to UNH. All sites that will take on an intern will receive tailored mentorship training and ongoing support to ensure that you are welcomed into a supportive and inclusive environment.

What happens after you apply?

After your application is received, it will get an initial review by NH AMP faculty and staff. It will then be passed on to the specific people associated with the opportunities you selected during the application process. The industry partner or lab manager will select applicants to interview and they will have the final decision on who receives an internship offer. NH AMP faculty and staff will stay in touch with you through the process and will be the official communicator of internship offers.

What is expected of selected applicants?

If you accept an internship position, NH AMP expects that you will hold full-time employment for the duration of your internship and you will hold the highest standards for workplace performance. You will be expected to participate in the program’s student community activities (weekly check-ins, group visits to industry sites or UNH campus) and a survey and/or interview to inform evaluation of the NH AMP program.

Application Instructions and Questions - read through instructions below to familiarize yourself with the application questions

To apply for a NH AMP internship, contact your community college point of contact listed here. Read through the instructions below to familiarize yourself with the application questions and requirements. 

When you have all information and files gathered, go to the application link at the bottom of the page. You must fill out the application in one session as there is no saving function or ability to come back at a later time to finish.

Questions from the application will be listed after these instructions. For long-form/personal statement questions, you are advised to compose your answer in a word document first and save. Then, Copy and Paste your answer into the appropriate text box.

Required application materials include:

  1. completed application form 
  2. unofficial copies of all college-level course transcripts
  3. resume
  4. statement/cover letter for each internship opportunity selected (up to 2)
  5. written personal statement (see instructions below)
  6. Contact information for an instructor who will submit a letter of recommendation (instructions for this will be emailed to the address you provide)
  • Name and Contact Information
  • Total Number of College Credits
  • Upload a PDF of unofficial transcripts from all college attended. Combine and upload as a single file.
  • Do you want to transfer to UNH?
  • Upload Resume
  • Internships descriptions are listed here.
  • Are you interested in an Industry Internship or an Academic Research Lab Internship?
    • You are only able to apply for internships in one category.
  • You are able to apply for up to 2 different internship opportunities. Read the descriptions and decide on your first and second choices.
    • In the online application, you will rank your first and second choices. For the sites that you choose, you will need to submit a statement/cover letter that will be included when your application is forwarded to the internship site.

 Guidelines and Tips for your Internship cover letter/statement:

  • It is advised that you compose and save your statements in a separate document so you do not lose your work. Then, copy and paste your statement into the appropriate text box.
  • Individualize the statement for each internship role.
  • Use keywords from the internship description
  • Discuss your academic experience and coursework.
  • Call out relevant skills.
  • Explain why you're a good fit for the role.
  • Describe what you feel you would gain from the internship.


  • You must provide us with the name and contact information from an instructor who will provide a letter of recommendation in support of your application.
  • Email your instructor this link: http://bit.ly/AMP_Instructor_Survey

On no more than one single-spaced page (minimum 11-point font), provide a written statement of your academic and career interests within Advanced Manufacturing. Be sure to include the following:
1) Describe your past academic or work experiences within Advanced Manufacturing
2) How will you personally benefit by participating in this program?
3) What do you expect from the program?

If you need assistance with completing this, get in touch with your communty college point of contact list here.

 Click here for Online Application  

*must be completed in a single session*