Environmental Science Seminar: Surface Climate Impacts of Forest Cover in New England

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Burakowski, Research Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

The 2016 Fall Environmental Sciences Seminar Series is sponsored by the Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS) Ph.D. Program, Earth Systems Research Center, Natural Resources and the Environment and Earth Sciences Departments. Seminars are open to the public - Fridays at 2:30 pm in McConnell Hall, Room 220.

Mitchell Center Seminar Series: Creating a Decision Support Toolbox for Safe Beaches & Shellfish Harvests

Speakers: New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST) Decision Support Systems Team: Kate Beard (Computing and Information Science), Damian Brady (Marine Sciences), Brian McGill (Biology and Ecology, Mitchell Center), Bridie McGreavy (Communication & Journalism), Sam Roy (Mitchell Center), Sean Smith (Earth & Climate Sciences, Mitchell Center)

This seminar will be available as a live stream at UNH in Gregg Hall, Room 130.