NH Method Workshop: Wetland Evaluation

You will learn how to evaluate a wetland using the NH Method and much about wetland functions and values and wetland ecology. We’ll spend the morning in the classroom getting familiar with the NH Method and principles of wetland evaluation. After lunch, we will put this knowledge to use in the field at Hayes Marsh. We’ll evaluate several functions using the NH Method and learn how to put the results together.

NH Method Workshop: Using the NH Wetlands Mapper

This hands-on workshop in a computer lab will provide you with instruction in using the NH Wetlands Mapper for wetland evaluation. The Mapper was developed specifically for use with the NH Method, but can also be used for other wetland applications as well. We will work through a series of exercises to familiarize you with the different functions of the Mapper. You will also learn how to generate the information and maps needed for wetland evaluation.

3rd Annual NH Salt Symposium

Don’t be left out in the cold this fall. Over 120 snow industry professionals representing 72 different companies attended the 2015 NH Salt Symposium. NH contractors can see expert speakers in salt reduction practices, winter maintenance research, marketing, insurance and liability, liquid uses, interactive discussion sessions, and an awards presentation. The presentations are designed especially for anyone that contracts for snowplowing and deicing.