After-School Programs

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After-School Programs

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We partnered with UNH Cooperative Extension 4-H educators and volunteers to develop after-school program models for middle and high school students that introduce the wonders of stream ecology and winter wildlife tracking to youth and adults. Emerging programs in Manchester and Nashua engage young men and women from our most diverse urban cities with measurements, observations, and analyses of New Hampshire's urban hydrology and snowpack.

4-H Stream Safari is an environmental science after school program focused on stream ecology for youth in grades K-8. Curriculum includes indoor and outdoor activities, field work experiences, data collection, and analysis involving stream ecology.

Workshops offered are geared towards educators working with youth in grades K-8 and include Project WET and Wild certification, Stream Safari curriculum guide, and stream field work experience.

Contact: Sarah Grosvenor, UNH Extension Field Specialist

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