Brad Kinsey

Nano 3D Printer

Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT.

Operates using a two photon polymerization process, where a laser cures parts of a fluid photosensitive material. Resolution as low as 200 nanometers. 


Robotic Non-Contact Metrology Scanner

FARO Cobalt (9MP) mounted on FANUC M710iC - Non contact metrology scanner mounted on a 6-axis robot arm and paired with a 36" diameter rotary table.  Scanner hosts a 250mm field of view, 0.063mm point spacing, and 0.027mm accuracy.


Non Contact Metrology Scanner

FARO Quantum M - Non contact metrology scanner with 7-axis of motion, non-contact scanning or touch probe data collection, and meets ISO 10360-12:2016 accuracy standards.