What is NH BioMade?

NH is home to a burgeoning biosciences industry focused on developing next generation medical interventions to improve human health outcomes including trauma fixation, orthopedic implants, manufactured tissue/organs and analytical biosensors. 

Materials used in the development of these interventions must be responsive to their application and conditions in or on the body. Creating biomaterials that respond like our own bones, skin and organs is complicated due to their hierarchical, heterogeneous structure.  Man-made materials used in manufactured interventions must mimic the heterogeneity of naturally occurring materials and withstand and operate within the particular conditions of their role in the body.  

NH BioMade is a five-year program funded by the National Science Foundation that integrates this new field of early stage research with efforts to educate and train future biotech workforce in NH.   Our team includes researchers, educators and administrators from UNH, Dartmouth, Keene State College and the Community College System of NH.

•    Conduct research to predict and control the composition, structure, properties, and function of biomaterials to increase their effectiveness, behavior and lifespan
•    Increase statewide access to critical tools and resources to move this industry forward including high performance computing capabilities and analytical instrumentation as well as seed funding opportunities
•    Develop an education and workforce pipeline that will propel the biosciences industry in NH
•    Build a strong network of researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students focused on this critical research area
•    Facilitate partnerships between NH’s educational institutions and biosciences industry to ensure students gain the skills required for this emerging, interdisciplinary area.




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