University Instrumentation Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham NH

Real-Time PCR System

The Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR) offers high throughput and sensitivity. The ViiA™  combines all of the qPCR features you want in a single high performance instrument, so that you get the fastest results with the highest quality for your research.

Microplate Reader

The Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2e Microplate Reader uses UV-Vis absorbance (200-1000 nm), fluorescence intensity (excitation 250-850 nm, emission 250-850 nm), chemiluminescence intensity (250-850 nm), and time-resolved fluorescence (50-1450 µsec, 200 µsec increments) to obtain measurements from cuvettes and well micoplates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, and 384).

Microplate Luminometer

The Centro XS3 LB 960 luminometer is a versatile instrument with patented cross talk reduction and dual reagent injection provides high sensitivity and superior precision and accuracy.

Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap Velos

The Thermo Scientific LTQ Obitrap Velos provides exact mass measurements (m/z 50-4000) with resolution of >60,000 and mass accuracy of <3 ppm, or 1 ppm with the use of lockmass. 

The multiple fragmentation techniques, high collision dissociation(HCD) and collision induced dissociation (CID), enable complete structural information to be obtained through MS and MSn analysis.