• researcher examining the parts of an artificial hip
    Orthopedic joints haven't changed much in 50 years. We are developing models & fabrication methods that are more durable, stable, and wear-resistant. Image: Dartmouth College.
  • Students learn to use the biaxial cruciform machine at the UNH Olson Center.
    We are also working to improve sheet metal implants for trauma repair. Here, students learn to use the biaxial cruciform machine at the UNH Olson Center. Image: Liz Mamros.
  • Prof John Tsavalas and grad student Yung-Chun Lin at the whiteboard.
    Tissue engineering is a major research thrust, with research teams at UNH, Dartmouth, and Keene State College. Image: Ali Asghar.
  • Prof Kat Mirica and grad student Michael Ko in their research lab.
    We are also focused on the research needed to create biosensors that will transform health care. Image: Kathryn Lapierre.



The Bio-Inspired On-demand Strategies for Engineering Nanostructured Sensors (BIO-SENS) team is seeking a Post-Doc! Apply here!


Three new publications from our undergraduate researchers at Keene State College!

  • "A Roadmap to Fabricate Geometrically Accurate Three-Dimensional Scaffolds Co-Printed by Natural and Synthetic Polymers" Read more
  • "Designing an Interchangeable Multi-Material Nozzle System for the 3D Bioprinting Process" Read more.
  • "Physical Modification of Hybrid Hydrogels to Fabricate Full-Scale Construct Using 3D Bio-Printing Process" Read more.

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BioMade logo

NH BioMade, a new five-year $20 million EPSCoR project funded by the National Science Foundation, will advance the rapidly growing New Hampshire biomaterials industry through knowledge generation, academic-industrial research partnerships, and workforce development. Addressing opportunities identified in the 2016 NH University Research and Industry Plan, this new grant will be used to develop innovative approaches for design and manufacturing of biomaterials, such as those used in implants and tissue engineering, which hold the potential to save lives and improve overall quality of life for patients.

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Jeadminas Alexis presenting poster on Into to the Microworld


Our research seed grant to UNH Associate Professor Jeffrey Halpern was just featured on the cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Beautiful! View closeup.  

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image from Epitaxial Self-Assembly of Interfaces of 2D MOF paper

New Publication

New publication from our Porous & Conductive Biosensors team! Stolz, R. M., Kolln, A. F., Rocha, B. C., Brinks, A., Eagleton, A. M., Mendecki, L., Vashisth, H., & Mirica, K. A. (2022). Epitaxial Self-Assembly of Interfaces of 2D Metal–Organic Frameworks for Electroanalytical Detection of Neurotransmitters. ACS Nano.

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Neurodiverse workshop flier promo


Our BIO-SENS team is hosting a workshop Wednesday, October 26 entitled "Tips for Neurodiverse Mentoring and Education". Geared towards faculty members in STEM, but all faculty, administrators, and students are welcome. Registration required. 

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