Photo of the BIO-SENS team taken in April 2022.
BIO-SENS is an engineering collaboration driving the future of biomanufacturing in Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire & Wyoming.
Bioscience Internships in BIO-SENS States
computer screen
Teachers and students apply technology to real-world challenges.
A digital library that provides public access to a broad suite of data sets generated by our projects.
researcher working outdoors in the snow
Ecosystem measurements and monitoring reveal connective tissue between the atmosphere, biosphere, soil, and water resources.
Photo of students at a 3D Bioprinting summer workshop
Highlighting the students, teachers, & mentors who have participated in the outreach efforts of NH BioMade's Education & Workforce Development (EWD) programs   
rocket launch
A NASA satellite space mission yields explosive findings.
NH BioMade will enable rapid advancement in biomaterials design and manufacturing and support the rapidly growing New Hampshire biomaterials industry.
Training and Retaining a Skilled Workforce.
Funding Opportunities from NH BioMade
Students on campus
Providing support to NH community college students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees at NH four-year institutions.
man using equipment
New Hampshire Research Asset Portal is designed to help companies, state agencies, and academic institutions discover and access instrumentation, equipment, computation resources and research expertise at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and Dartmouth College.
A strategic plan focused on aligning university research strengths with our state’s substantial base of existing and emerging advanced industries.
harvesting oysters
Scientists discover a new way to detect a pathogenic bacteria strain in oyster beds.
Explore research publications fully or partially supported by our programs.
people posing with equipment outside in the snow
Students redesign an environmental sensor to monitor snow loads and prevent roofs from collapsing.
people working in the wind tunnel
The world's largest scientific wind tunnel enables new partnerships with industry.
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photo of dam
Merging science with community engagement to strengthen decisions about the future of dams in New England.
colorful lights
Early investments in fiber optics catalyze seven state internet expansion projects.
Offering NH undergraduate STEM students authentic research training to advance their career in biomaterials and biomanufacturing.