Research Thrust 2: Sheet Metal Implants for Trauma Repair

Dr. Kinsey with grad student Liz Mamros
Dr. Brad Kinsey with grad student Liz Mamros. Image: Jeremy Gasowski

Team Leads:

Dr. Brad Kinsey 
UNH Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Ian Baker 
Dartmouth College Thayer School

Currently available metallic bio-implants required for trauma fixation hardware and surgical repair of severely fractured bones have functional and aesthetic limitations, and conflicting requirements of strength, lightweight, and anatomy-appropriate geometry. Current designs fail to meet these requirements, with failure rates over 15% in critical structures such as the jaw. Orthopedic trauma hardware is either machined or cast and thus is energy, time and cost-intensive to produce. Localized forming would allow for a hardened and thinner biomaterial with the required high strength and shape. NH BioMade is developing new approaches to improve the formability and strength of metallic bio-implants while decreasing the weight of the implant, with the prospect of rapid prototyping for patient-specific components.


Increased formability is exhibited by metallic alloys during non-linear deformation by locally controlling the dislocation behavior at the nanoscale, which creates a heterogeneous biomaterial in terms of strength and geometry.

  • Integrated processing-characterization-size sensitive modeling and experimentation 
  • HPC allows the use of 106 elements as opposed to 104 elements achieving product scale simulations
  • Relationships between formability and microscale grain boundary and twin boundary interactions with dislocations 
  • Heterogeneous, metallic biomaterials with complex geometries and superior properties, i.e., lightweight and high strength

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