BIO-SENS Workforce Development

A young woman at a summer internship

Team Lead:

Allison Wasiewski, Workforce Development Director
University of New Hampshire


Coordinated training of early-career faculty; postdoctoral scholars; graduate and undergraduate students; K-12 education; and community outreach. 

BIO-SENS multi-level workforce development strategy is focused on early-career faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and K-12 students. The unifying element connecting these disparate populations is an annual Academic-Industry Biotechnology Symposium that rotates through the four jurisdictions. We are training the nucleus of a new biotechnology workforce in AL, ME, NH, and WY through the development of each of our participant groups, coupled with joint interactions. 

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2022 Academic-Industry Biotechnology Symposium

Held on July 27, 2022 at Auburn University. Symposium Flyer

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