Undergraduate Research Training (URT)

Undergraduate Research Training (URT)

General Information 

The NH BioMade Undergraduate Research Training (URT) program seeks to provide research training internships to NH undergraduate students. The specific goals for the 2024 summer URT program are to:

  • Provide focused research internships to NH undergraduates within an active or related area of NH BioMade research; 
  • Increase the number of NH undergraduates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) research experience; and
  • Introduce NH undergraduates to opportunities to advance their careers in STEM disciplines through research leading to masters and doctoral degrees. 

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Participants of URT research internships receive stipends supported by NH BioMade during summer 2024.
  • Eligible students must be a NH undergraduate at a 4-year or 2-year institution.  
  • NH BioMade faculty or staff scientist(s) lead research programs and provide participants with guidance and mentorship.
  • Students meet every two weeks as a group to discuss their research experience, goals, and future plans. 
NH BioMade and the National Science Foundation are particularly interested in increasing the numbers of women, underrepresented minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders), and persons with disabilities earning science, technology, engineering or mathematics degrees. All are encouraged to apply. 
The NH BioMade URT program is funded by a National Science Foundation grant (NSF #EPS-1757371) to NH EPSCOR adminstered by the University of New Hampshire. 
Benefits to participating in the program include: 
  • Placement with a mentor investigating some aspect of current, authentic NH BioMade-related research; 
  • Conducting research as part of a team of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates; 
  • Access to state-of-the art research facilities; 
  • Support to present your research results in at least one meeting or symposium; 
  • Research experience from which to grow your professional career in a STEM or STEM-related field. 
  • $700 per week stipend for full-time URT participation
  • Room and Board if needed (limited funds available)

Participants are expected to meet the expectations below.

  • Full-time commitment: summer research is 40 hours per week for 10 weeks (May 28-August 2, 2024).
  • Progress toward daily and weekly research objectives and goals laid out by the research mentor. 
  • Participation in regular meetings to discuss research progress and career development. 
  • Construction of a final research poster that describes your research activities, results, analyses, and outcomes. 
  • Presentation of poster at the Summer Research Symposium
Applications for 2024 NH BioMade summer Undergraduate Research Training are now open. 
Deadline to apply is Feburary 23, 2024.
Community College students must get in touch with NH BioMade Campus contact before applying. 
Click here for Community College Campus Contact information.

Required Application Materials

  • To complete your Online Application, the following requried informaiton and materials must be prepared and submitted:
    • Read the descriptions of research opportunites. You will be asked to rank order your top three research choices. ​​
    • Upload combined PDF of all unofficial college transcripts with your name clearly visible.
    • Upload personal statement - Put your full name on the top of the page, please. 
    • Community College students must provide the name of the Community College contact that you spoke to about the URT opportunity.
    • One letter of recommendation from an instructor emailed directly to jennifer.baker@unh.edu
      • Be prepared to provide the name and email address of the person providing your letter of recommendation in the application.
    • ​The application software accepts DOC, DOCX and PDF files.

Personal Statement Instructions

Please provide a written statement of your academic or career interests relating to biomaterials, bioengineering, advanced manufacturing, or computational modeling. Limit your personal statement to no more than one single-spaced page and use a minimum 11-point font. Use the bulleted list below as an outline for your personal statement.

  • Describe your past academic or work experiences.
  • How will you personally benefit by participating in this program?
  • What do you expect from the program?
  • Tell us anything else about yourself that you think would be relevant for evaluating your application.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Baker at jennifer.baker@unh.edu