NH BioMade Transfer Scholars

Community college student in lab

NH BioMade Transfer Scholars

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This program provides up to $5,000 per year (up to two years) scholarship support for current or former NH community college students aspiring to complete a 4-yr baccalaureate degree in a major that relates directly to the research objectives of NH BioMade, which advances the design and manufacture of biomaterials and develops the knowledge to predict and control their composition, structure, properties, and function. Biomaterials, such as those used in implants and tissue engineering are the focus for BioMade research in areas of 1) Composites for Orthopedics, 2) Sheet Metal for Trauma Fixation, 3) Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration, and 4) Structures for Biosensor Applications.

The main goals of the Transfer Scholars program are to 1) increase the number of community college students that transfer to NH BioMade 4-year degree programs, and 2) increase the retention and graduation rates of these transfer students. Achieving these two goals provides a pathway for community college to join the workforce in rapidly growing and high-wage BioMade careers. 

Program Contact: Jennifer Baker - jennifer.baker@unh.edu