Turning on the Lights


Turning on the Lights


In 2009, the Granite State was in a “black hole” of connectivity, as fiber optic networks were non-existent north of the Massachusetts border. Although internet was available in most of the Northeast, in many of New Hampshire’s cities and larger towns, internet service providers could not keep pace with the demand to transmit more data faster. Strategic investment of $14 million from our program and NH IDeA built a fiber optics network that linked research universities in northern New England to the high-speed internet hub in Boston. By investing in fiber optics, we helped New Hampshire turned on the lights—connecting businesses, world-class research centers, hospitals, and schools to each other and the outside world.

Expanding broadband access throughout the Granite State

The project jump-started a statewide effort to bring 21st-century communications capacity to vitally important government, community, and education institutions. Initial funding catalyzed more than $74 million in additional federal and private support to power seven internet expansion projects that increased reported household broadband connectivity in New Hampshire to 79%, the highest in the nation.

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